Foodservice & Restaurant

Optimize your kitchen prep and cooking areas, and speed up cleaning time with Two Rivers Enterprise’s stainless steel tables!

We fabricate clean and soiled dish tables which can be customized to your workflow and space specifications. Mobile tables and carts are available for additional foodservice and restaurant working space or to transport supplies and food efficiently and sanitarily. Work tables and sinks can be integrated using stainless steel to provide a seam-free workspace, increasing cleanliness.

Pharmacy & Medical

Pharmacies and medical practices are vital to everyone’s daily life, so we know how important it is to have stainless steel tables which are built for cleanliness, stability and ease of use. With Two Rivers, you can be assured of a quality product made to fit your needs.

We manufacture stationary and mobile tables and carts to provide the work spaces you need to efficiently and sanitarily provide services. Sinks can be integrated with work tables to provide a seam-free workspace, creating a cleaner and more efficient environment.

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