We have a wide variety of conveyors to choose from, no matter the application.

TRE can provide conveyors for ready-to-eat applications where the most demanding sanitation and food safety design attributes are required. Anything from raw uncooked product conveyors to packaged product conveyors can be made to the high standards of RTE to increase product safety.

If you’re moving products from a single lane to a multi-lane, our diverting conveyor can easily accomplish this! Our diverters ensure product quality and accuracy.

Our double deck conveyor belt is a great way to stage your product for palletizing, and if you’re moving pallets or bulky products, a dual lane conveyor allows you to do so with ease.

If you’re worried about space, a z-style conveyer makes an efficient use of floor space and allows product to be handled by one continuous belt when you need to raise or lower its level. And if you need metal detection, we have a conveyor which will detect metal and can be designed to do a number of things:

  • stop the conveyor for manual removal;
  • continue conveying but divert the rejected material off the conveyor; or,
  • continue conveying but move the belt so the rejected material falls harmlessly into a separate container, then move the belt back for continued proper operation.

We have many different types of conveyors in a variety of shapes, from straight horizontal or vertical to radius turns for many purposes from packaging to ready-to-eat food product movement.

There are no limits to the conveyor configurations and applications we can provide here at TRE. We have more than 100 years of combined conveyor experience with numerous satisfied customer partners and hundreds of conveyor systems in the field.