Floor Trough

Stainless steel floor troughs are perfect for creating a safe workspace! With Two Rivers Enterprises you’ll receive floor troughs with stainless steel grating custom made for your space and to the needs of your facility.

Our stainless steel floor troughs are engineered and manufactured to accommodate varying degrees of food grade requirements to minimize catch points and be easily washed down. Two Rivers Enterprises is UL Custom-Built Food Service Equipment Certified and NSF / ANSI 2 Food Equipment Certified, and we utilize 304-grade stainless steel for foodservice and restaurant applications.

Floor Trough

Types Of Stainless Steel Floor Troughs

Our team can design and fabricate stainless steel floor troughs in a variety lengths and widths for you:

Available Lengths: 24” 30” 36” 42” 48” 54” 60” 72” 84” 96” 108” 120”

Available Widths: 12” 18” 24”

We’ve built and installed stainless steel floor troughs in many foodservice providers and restaurants. Keep your employees safe in wet working areas with our stainless steel floor troughs! Whether you have steam equipment, a dishwashing room, restroom or somewhere else water collects, our troughs can be engineered to be flush with the floor and come in a variety of grate options to fit your visual style.

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