Waterjet Cutting

Stainless Steel Quad Wash Sinks

At Two Rivers Enterprises, we employ waterjet cutting to precisely slice through stainless steel, forming the shapes and edges needed to give you the best custom stainless steel equipment.

Waterjet cutting uses a high pressure stream of water to carve a narrow line in the stainless steel. An abrasive is added to increase cutting power, allowing the jet to easily switch from cutting one-half inch thick stainless steel to six inch thick stainless steel.

Waterjet cutting is the best way to cut stainless steel due to its efficiency, precision, and environmentally-friendly results.

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Waterjet Cutting Solutions From TRE


Our waterjet uses pressures of 100,000 psi and a multi-axis nozzle to cut through up to six inches of stainless steel and 11 inches of mild steel while still executing very precise patterns. Abrasive cutting can pierce or drill holes as small as .030″ in diameter.

Our technicians are extremely skilled with this tool, crafting custom equipment to fit any space or function!


Waterjets allows us to cut only what we need and considerably reduce waste, by:

  • high positional accuracy;
  • very low heat generation – no interference with structural integrity;
  • small kerf width which removes the minimum amount of material; and,
  • no distortion or warping of materials.

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