Custom Equipment

When you need specialized, custom stainless steel equipment, come to the experts at Two Rivers Enterprises! From pharmacies and medical centers to food processors, restaurants and foodservice facilities, our expert and certified welders, technicians and finishers can create the equipment you need to provide a high level of service to your patients, customers or clients.

We use only the best grades of stainless steel – 304 in most cases, 316 for high chemical immersion applications such as pharmaceuticals and some dairy applications – to create the exact dimensions of equipment you’ve asked for. Our goal is to give you the best equipment and service possible to perfectly fit your needs and space. Contact us to learn more.

Using specialized tools like high pressure waterjet systems and presses, we can design and efficiently fabricate nearly any custom stainless steel equipment you can imagine. Here are some examples we’ve produced for previous and current clients.


We’ve manufactured a number of custom equipment pieces for clients over the years.

Many times, hoppers are on the top of the list for food processing facilities. We can custom build stainless steel hoppers to create dust-free discharge areas from tanks or other holding bins. With custom sizes, we can build anything you might need.

Food processing facilities also need effective, custom methods for cooking food. We have fabricated a number of custom ovens, from hot oil browners utilizing drag through conveyors to 20’x40’ steam ovens and smoke ovens too.

We’ve produced a variety of cutters and slicers as well, for use in producing meat sticks, slicing and processing red meat, poultry or fish, cutting or chopping vegetables, fruits and cheeses. We can custom manufacture a cutter, slicer or combination equipment for your particular application.

Another line of custom equipment we fabricate is for chemical intervention. Whether you need an anti-microbial spray application or a means to dip food in an intervention solution for decontamination, we’ve produced a number of different systems which can accomplish this for your product. We’ve also fabricated stainless steel clean out of place (COP) wash stations for removable equipment components.

No matter what you have in mind, if it includes stainless steel we can manufacture it!