Stainless steel dumpers are ideal for transferring large batches of product from containers to conveyors, sorting areas, smaller containers and further processing equipment like hoppers, scale feeders, mixers, grinders, packaging equipment, waste bins and more. At Two Rivers Enterprises, we’re ready to build the stainless steel dumper you need to get the job done. We’ll exceed your expectations!

Two Rivers Enterprises is UL Custom-Built Food Service Equipment Certified and NSF / ANSI 2 Food Equipment Certified, and we utilize 304-grade stainless steel for foodservice and restaurant applications and 304- or 316-grade stainless steel for pharmacy and medical applications. While dumpers are typically used in food processing and packaging facilities for vegetables, fruits, meats, snack foods and other foods, we can design dumpers for use in nearly any application you have in mind.

Types Of Stainless Steel Dumpers

Our team can design and fabricate dumpers in a variety of configurations for you, including hydraulic or pneumatic operated, side load or end load configurations, pallet retract dumpers, pivot dumpers, column dumpers, high lift dumpers and more.

Our stainless steel dumpers can also be created in a number of heights, from the floor level to 40’ or more, with either a tube frame or a tube free frame.

We’ve built and installed stainless steel dumpers in manufacturing facilities across the entire nation, in a wide variety of applications. Send us a request for a quote through the form on this page, and let’s talk!