Food Processing Equipment Near Mankato, MN

Finding the best food processing equipment near Mankato, MN can be a challenge. Shorten your search by partnering with Two Rivers Enterprises!

Two Rivers Enterprises is a custom fabricator specializing in food processing solutions tailored to your needs. We fabricate food processing equipment for businesses across the United States, from meat processing to prepared foods, poultry to pet food, fruits and vegetables to cheese and nuts!

Using 304 stainless steel, we can design the following series of food processing equipment near Mankato, MN for your operation. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and we can create a custom piece of equipment for you.

Food Processing Equipment Near Mankato, MN

Platforms & Mezzanines

With Two Rivers Enterprises you’ll receive platforms and mezzanines specifically made for your space and to the weight bearing needs of your product or equipment. As with all of our food processing equipment near Mankato, MN, we create it to be hygienic and sanitary without any overlapping joints.


We produce stainless steel mixer tanks featuring processing flexibility for a variety of food production applications: from simple holding tanks to gentle agitation as well as mixing light, medium and heavy viscous products, our tanks can be built to handle anything you give them.

Integrated Conveyor System


TRE can provide conveyors for ready-to-eat applications where the most demanding sanitation and food safety design attributes are required. Anything from raw uncooked product conveyors to packaged product conveyors can be made to the high standards of TRE to increase product safety. We have more than 100 years of combined conveyor experience with numerous satisfied customer partners and hundreds of conveyor systems in the field.


Our team can design and fabricate dumpers in a variety of configurations for you, including hydraulic or pneumatic operated, side load or end load configurations, pallet retract dumpers, pivot dumpers, column dumpers, high lift dumpers and more.

Integrated Systems

Any of our food processing equipment near Mankato, MN can be integrated together to provide the utility you need in your food production facility. Contact us to talk over what you have in mind, and we can make suggestions about what might work best for your space.


Our stainless steel cooking racks can be made to fit any oven size. Our racks can come with screen shelves as well which can be customized to hold whatever weight you need, whether you’re working on bread or a rack of ribs.


For handling smaller products, powders, grains, ingredients and more, we fabricate stainless steel augers or screw conveyors. Our augers provide a constant flow of product from a hopper and can handle large amounts of product consistently without affecting discharge.

Work Carts

Whether you’re moving product or containers across the floor, keeping parts handy or in need of stationary or mobile workstations for the manual piece of the food processing puzzle, our stainless steel work carts fit the bill. Sanitary, easy to clean and strong, they’re built to last.


Our stainless steel curtain tracks – coupled with USDA approved PVC curtains – comply with USDA requirements for washdown when used for overspray protection from product line to product line. They can be customized to your exact needs, acting as a barrier around different types of machinery.


And remember, we can custom build anything out of stainless steel. In the past, we’ve had clients for food processing equipment near Mankato, MN ask us to fabricate steam ovens, custom cutters and slicers, oil cooking systems, fish processing areas, smoke ovens, pasteurizers and various sizes of hoppers.